Friday, 26 April 2013

Same day, Different post

I just thought that I'd post an image of a side project I'm working on, Weird World War 2, Here is a test sculpt of some Russian Zombies
A bit poor at the moment, but they should turn out OK, German Zombies are available from Elhiem and CP Miniatures but no other nations.
They are sculpted on a base of Zvezda Russian Infantry because I had a large number of prone figures left over after building three boxes, I mixed and matched the legs to give a shambolic gait and worked from there, the heads of the donor minis have found their way onto PSC bodies as the PSC heads are way too big for my tastes so I had to sculpt new heads on the Zombies, a daunting task when a head is only 3mm from chin to crown.


The start of the AFV slogg!

Well, It has been a while but it's time to continue this thread, I'll begin with a group shot, poor photo as it is.

I have spent the past couple of months practicing with my airbrush, and it's so fun, I love it, so what better way to play with a new toy than paint a few tanks?
Well here are the results, I've posted these before but here are some close ups PSC T70s

Some PSC T-34-76s, all with added stowage, new grab-rails and crew from Britannia

and the close ups

A couple of Pegasus Hobbies KV1-e, with extra stowage and new barrels from RB

 and some close ups

2 122mm Howitzers from Zvezda with extra PSC crew

 A Zvezda 85mm AA gun in Tank Hunting role, I need to add a load of ammo crates and other bits when I get them, the base looks a bit bare.

My Horse drawn supply wagons, from HaT with converted and Britannia drivers, plus a guy from Zvezda having a sly Ciggie

and finally an Airfix Yak9d. not airbrushed this time but I will in future, hand brushing aircraft takes so damn long

Well, as you can see I've not been idle, but plenty more where those came from soon.


Saturday, 20 April 2013

First 3 T-70s and an Airbrush test

After getting out the Airbrush for the first time I have some T-70s for Batthegroup Kursk Painted up, I think next time a bigger difference in tone between base colour and highlight is in order.

I added Turret lift rings and a HaT tank commander, Decals from PSC and Military Wheels
Any comments or criticisms are welcome (I've just noticed that the mantlet lift rings are missing on 2 of them)

Friday, 5 April 2013

Blogging Day 2 - Stal Stal Stal!

And so the call went fourth for some Armoured Support.

I have just cleared my painting desk to start work on assembling some Mid War Soviet Armour. So to build and paint at the moment 16 Plastic Soldier Company T-34/76 1943, 2 Armourfast T34/76 1940, 3 plastic Soldier Company T-70, 2 Pegasus Hobbies KV-1e, 4 Pegasus Hobbies KV1s and finally a couple of SU-122 kit-bashed from Armourfast SU-85.
As for the SU-122, I have tried the Frontline Wargaming ones before and they don't scale well with PSC T-34s, and as finding the Unimodel kit is like trying to find a sober person on a Friday night I'll have to "Make do and Mend" and it should be sufficient for my needs.

So please forgive the lack of photos but I have Staples to straighten and re-bend for grab many grab rails.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

An Introduction

Hello, and welcome to my blog 1:72 WW2, this is my second attempt at a blog - The first expired long ago and I have since had time to reflect on what went wrong.
So, on that downer....................Here we are.

It all began in October 2011 when I took the decision to sell, bin and depose of all of my Warhammer and other GW products to focus on other projects, I dabbled in 28mm Napoleonics and ACW, then my greedy beady eyes fell upon Flames of War and 15mm WW2. I intended to begin collecting and playing that until after reading many reviews and hearing opinions of other players I decided that it was too competitive for me.
It was around this time that Warhammer Historical began to flounder and through the publicity this brought I became aware of KGN, Warwick Kinrade and subsequently Battlegroup Kursk (BGK). Now A game where you had to take constant radio checks, keep your supply vehicles close by and also field Infantry and Tank Companies is not for everyone, but it was for ME.

So without further ado some teaser pics, now if you are a visitor to The Guild Forum you'll have seen these and more before, if not here are some minis.

Thanks for looking, and I hope to see you here again soon.