Thursday, 1 August 2013

A long time away!

I've been away from blogging for a while, and unfortunately this is not a Wargames related post, I doubt anyone who follows or reads this Blog, or anyone who knows me in person for that matter
knows that I have been fighting against a mental illness for a long time (10 years).
Well to cut a long story short, as happens with a lot of people who get ill in there late teens - my Illness has started to fix itself, this I am assured happens to a lot of people in there late 20s to early 30s, raging hormones combined with the inability to deal fully with new complex emotions combined with being thrown in at the deep end of "Adult life" creates a bit of a gap in the cognitive process and parts of the brain start to miss fire.
But where my illness lay and where I have made the most progress in recovery is Social Anxiety, I didn't leave the house for months on end for well over 7 years, but suddenly this lifted and I have been ceasing the opportunity to start a new exercise plan and even going out to enjoy the odd beer, (a big step for me) so I had to make some cuts somewhere during this period of high activity and it was "Hobby Time" that went, the time became filled with long walks down the local canal and the beginnings of a weight lifting plan,
All good so far, I'm happy to report the loss of 16kg of weight and 8" of waistline, but no AFVs, Infantry or Aircraft built or painted for a while, .........A sacrifice I deem entirely worth it!

I'll be back with a proper update soon as a batch of Elhiem Russians is calling me and I want to test my Vallejo Coloured Airbrush Primers.

Until the next time
Happy Painting!