Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Dispatches volume 1

Just a quick one for today. Warwick Kinrade, Piers Brand and a couple of other contributors have produced the first Webzine for the Battlegroup game series, highlights include - A couple of small partisan based lists that prove that not all games have to be huge tank battles, expansions for Kursk in the form of T-70 Company and SU-85 and more, grab a free PDF copy from Iron Fist Publishing and enjoy.

Battlegroup Dispatches 1

That's all for now


Friday, 4 October 2013

Communist Communications

I'm back to painting again, it's been a while and with many things changing in my life I have not had much time for painting but I have just about completed a Radio Truck Diorama base.

A close up of the radio operators

A view of the radio team keeping track of troop movements

Mostly Britannia minis and truck body mounted on a Uni Model chassis, the chap by the map is an Elheim SS officer with a bit of re-modeling plus a Zvezda head

Next up is a Zvezda Medical Team as my Stretcher Party (who could do with a little more matte varnish)

5 more T-34/76 by PSC and Battlefield crew

And finally as a test the first of my SHQ Limber teams for my AT guns