Thursday, 4 April 2013

An Introduction

Hello, and welcome to my blog 1:72 WW2, this is my second attempt at a blog - The first expired long ago and I have since had time to reflect on what went wrong.
So, on that downer....................Here we are.

It all began in October 2011 when I took the decision to sell, bin and depose of all of my Warhammer and other GW products to focus on other projects, I dabbled in 28mm Napoleonics and ACW, then my greedy beady eyes fell upon Flames of War and 15mm WW2. I intended to begin collecting and playing that until after reading many reviews and hearing opinions of other players I decided that it was too competitive for me.
It was around this time that Warhammer Historical began to flounder and through the publicity this brought I became aware of KGN, Warwick Kinrade and subsequently Battlegroup Kursk (BGK). Now A game where you had to take constant radio checks, keep your supply vehicles close by and also field Infantry and Tank Companies is not for everyone, but it was for ME.

So without further ado some teaser pics, now if you are a visitor to The Guild Forum you'll have seen these and more before, if not here are some minis.

Thanks for looking, and I hope to see you here again soon.



  1. Hi matey think we met at Portcullis a few weeks back when Warrick was showing us the latest version of his stuff. IE Normandy , got mine pre ordered cant wait.I was one of the yank players for that game . We had a bit of a chat before the game downstairs if you remember. Seen this stuff on the guild , well impressed. Great stuff.

    1. Yes indeed I do remember you, I have my Overlord pre-ordered at Portcullis too, we'll have to meet up there sometime, do you attend the club there? I'm going to start going along more often.


  2. No don't go very often at moment , mainly due to no car. Using public transport in day time is not bad but after 6pm its a joke. Waiting to go into hospital at present (knee op) on 8th May . Hopefully once Im on the mend then I can get down far more often . Speak to Colonel White on guild now and then . Hopeing to get down for a game at portcullis when knee ok. Oh yeah before I forget I go under sharky07 on guild. Hope to meet up after op. See you then .