Friday, 5 April 2013

Blogging Day 2 - Stal Stal Stal!

And so the call went fourth for some Armoured Support.

I have just cleared my painting desk to start work on assembling some Mid War Soviet Armour. So to build and paint at the moment 16 Plastic Soldier Company T-34/76 1943, 2 Armourfast T34/76 1940, 3 plastic Soldier Company T-70, 2 Pegasus Hobbies KV-1e, 4 Pegasus Hobbies KV1s and finally a couple of SU-122 kit-bashed from Armourfast SU-85.
As for the SU-122, I have tried the Frontline Wargaming ones before and they don't scale well with PSC T-34s, and as finding the Unimodel kit is like trying to find a sober person on a Friday night I'll have to "Make do and Mend" and it should be sufficient for my needs.

So please forgive the lack of photos but I have Staples to straighten and re-bend for grab many grab rails.

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