Friday, 26 April 2013

The start of the AFV slogg!

Well, It has been a while but it's time to continue this thread, I'll begin with a group shot, poor photo as it is.

I have spent the past couple of months practicing with my airbrush, and it's so fun, I love it, so what better way to play with a new toy than paint a few tanks?
Well here are the results, I've posted these before but here are some close ups PSC T70s

Some PSC T-34-76s, all with added stowage, new grab-rails and crew from Britannia

and the close ups

A couple of Pegasus Hobbies KV1-e, with extra stowage and new barrels from RB

 and some close ups

2 122mm Howitzers from Zvezda with extra PSC crew

 A Zvezda 85mm AA gun in Tank Hunting role, I need to add a load of ammo crates and other bits when I get them, the base looks a bit bare.

My Horse drawn supply wagons, from HaT with converted and Britannia drivers, plus a guy from Zvezda having a sly Ciggie

and finally an Airfix Yak9d. not airbrushed this time but I will in future, hand brushing aircraft takes so damn long

Well, as you can see I've not been idle, but plenty more where those came from soon.



  1. Very nice , your collection is coming on very nicely sir.Waiting for my copy of overlord to aarive(post has been this morning so not going to get it till some time next week now. Annoying really as Im reading lots of people have got theirs. Colonel White got his Tuesday). Keep up the good work ,looking forward to your next pics.

    1. Yeah, loads of people have theirs, Brian was sure PSC would mess up again so I ordered through Portcullis, "More fool me!"
      North Star messed up so Portcullis won't get theirs for a while - I'm just waiting for a phone call from Brian now.

  2. Mike your Russians are great. Please add a followers widget to your blog I would like to follow your work!

  3. Thanks for your kind words Greg, I have added the follower gadget now, I couldn't find it before as it is kept under "More Gadgets" now, not where it used to be