Wednesday 22 May 2013

Infantry Company Finished (at last!)

Last Night I wrote how I had brought my first infantry company back from a mishap with Dip, so in this post I'll add the Photos of how they turned out.

Here is the full Company as per Battlegroup Kursk, All miniatures by Elhiem, CP, TQD and Zvezda or my own conversions based there upon.

The Company Command Squad
The First Platoon
Close ups

The Second Platoon
Close Ups

Third Platoon
Close Ups

And here are a few extra bits and pieces that I painted up at the same time.
Sniper, Spotter and Medic

Sapper Squad
And lastly a miscellaneous bunch that will be carried over to the next Company including a Anti-Tank rifle.
So that's it for now, on the painting table are the support options for this Company, Three Maxims, a 45mm Anti-Tank gun, a 76.2mm Infantry Gun and a 50mm Mortar plus additional loader teams and Horse drawn limbers for the guns.

Well that's it Until next time.

Happy Painting



  1. These look great well recoverd.

  2. Very nice looking army!

  3. Wow, great work! Which colour have you taken for the uniform? I also need to paint Russians...

    1. It's a base coat of Vallejo Khaki Grey for the tunics and Vallejo Russian Uniform Green for the trousers followed by either Army Painter Strong Tone Dip or Ink and re-highlighted with the base colour, Hope this helps but I'll put a full tutorial up in the next few days.

    2. Very helpful, thanks! Btw: your whole stuff is great, really inspiring!

  4. Thanks, Kind of you to say, I may go back and do another highlight layer is I cane bare it.

  5. Cool Blog mate, link added