Thursday, 30 May 2013

Nail Varnish?!

I paint in clutter, bottles and tubes everywhere. I have always done this, but it is time for a change....

I had to organize my workspace, so I began looking into ways to store my bottles of Vallejo and found (after trawling the Internet and mastering Google-Fu) many ways people had used.
  • Test-tube racks (Too expensive)
  • Wall mounted Spice racks (Too big a job)
  • Custom Laser cut wood (also Too expensive)
So I toyed with the idea of building o vertical rack from multiple cheap copies of Connect 4 but this proved impracticable and as I browsed Amazon UK I was close to giving up.

Then I saw it!

 PERFECT, So I bought two. They arrived this afternoon and I hastily built them, I found that if I got 2 slightly longer Bolts from my tool box I could join them together at the middle to make a long sturdy rack, and although the seller did not state the inner dimensions each said they held 60 bottles of nail varnish, that translates to 85 bottles of Vallejo each, I have 169 bottle at the moment so just enough (until I buy 2 more paints)

Here they are fully laden.

All in all a great purchase and a much tidier desk.

Happy Painting



  1. A good idea! But laser cut wood expensive? Hobby Zone from Poland makes such paint stands for 49zl, which means 9,8 Pound...

    1. I had no idea about those, I only saw ones for about £45.00, too late now though :(

  2. Nice purchase :) My self-built racks is already experiencing an overflow :D
    The hobbyzone stands will be my next investion..
    Had them on my mind for quite a while now :)

  3. Nice and clean! And a good overview! Great purchase!


    1. Thanks for the comment,
      I must update the blog soon, my hobby time has been cut due to increased "stop being a fat git and get some exercise time", so the racks got filled with paint and they have just sat there unused since.